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Sketch is a 2D web game where your goal is to collect a variety of gifts to give to your crush in order to woo her - but don't get caught! If you get caught three times, you'll get detention.

How to play: You're at the bottom right and the girl you're trying to woo is at the top left. Use to arrow keys to pick up gifts for the girl and give them to her. Be careful not to get caught by the teacher though! Make sure you're in a seat when he turns around cause if he sees you out of a seat, he'll give you a warning. Three warnings and he'll give you detention and your chances will be over!

We're currently working on renewing the game. New art, new audio and new levels! This is really just a prototype now. It's currently on hold but will hopefully have time to work on it again soon!

You can read more about the game here.